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CFAL Client is a database application that is designed to manage information for independent living centers, employment agencies, and other organizations that service consumer requests. Designed to measure outcomes and to satisfy government reporting requirements, it is equipped with very powerful information management capabilities and accessibility features. CFAL Client was created for the Louisville Center for Accessible Living, and it is now in operational use at a variety of agencies throughout the United States.

The application is implemented using Microsoft Access™ and .Net™ technologies, and it can be run stand-alone on a single workstation or in a networked environment with support for up to 25 simultaneous users. The database has a demonstrated capacity to manage up to 250,000 consumer records and over two million recorded transactions. Both versions are compatible with most network architectures and all Windows™ operating systems.

CFAL was designed by a team of software engineers who stand ready to support their work. You are welcome to evaluate this software without restriction, but if you decide to adopt it for operational use, we require payment of our license fee.  Your payment ensures that your mission-critical information is maintained in a viable system that will be there when YOU need support.

Application license fee: $2000

Includes one data file server license per site, unlimited CFAL and NetCIL client applications, documentation, and 30 days of telephone support for installation and configuration assistance. Licensed users are also eligible to receive on-site assistance and long-term support.

On-Site Assistance: $500/day plus travel expenses. A member of our staff will travel to your site to provide installation assistance and training. A minimum stay of three days is normally required.  Available only to licensed users.

Long-Term Support: $900/year

Available only to licensed, trained users.

Long-term support offers the following services:

· Guaranteed same- or next-business-day response to requests for assistance, and unlimited telephone support during normal business hours. We can't guarantee that we will always be able to assist you immediately, but we will initiate assistance within one business day.

· Software and documentation update service - A support agreement also helps to fund additional software development in order to maintain compatibility with changing program requirements. Licensed users who purchase long-term support are guaranteed to receive program and documentation updates as they become available.

· An account on our ftp server for use in troubleshooting data problems

Support Fee Terms

The support fee will be charged on an annual basis, and will normally cover the period January 1st through December 31st. Users who initiate support service during a calendar year will be billed on a prorated basis. Payment is voluntary, and the agreement may be cancelled at any time. If a cancellation notice is sent to us in writing, you will be reimbursed for any unused funds. All prorated calculations will be rounded to the nearest whole month.

Support is dependent upon our ability to exchange information with your computer systems via remote access methods. For that purpose, as a registered user you will be provided with an ftp account so that we can transfer data to and from your site via the Internet. If you request that our personnel travel to your site in order to provide technical assistance or training, we will charge an additional $500 per day, plus reimbursement for actual, reasonable travel expenses.

We recognize that some organizations may not be able to afford the suggested fees for purchase and support of our systems. In such cases, we request that you contact us in order to discuss your requirements. We remain committed to providing the CFAL application to any organization that wishes to use it, irrespective of financial constraints. We look forward to working with you.

| CFAL Downloads | Screen Shots | Release Schedule | NetCIL |

For more information, call us toll-free at (888) 678-0683, or send email to

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