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Custom Web Applications

We use the latest technologies to deliver modern software that augments your business.

Custom Graphing and Reporting

We can create custom graphing and reporting tools, allowing you to easily analyze your current data in the ways you want.

Interfacing with an ERP

We have experience interfacing with ERP systems from Oracle and SAP. Our reporting and analysis solutions are much more cost-effective than those provided by these vendors.

PLC/HMI Integration

We have over 25 years of experience working with cement companies all over the world. We have created interfaces with PLC and HMI systems to make important process data readily available for analysis and reporting.

Lab Analysis Software

We can link to lab equipment such as spectrometers to provide a system that combines physical testing with chemical analysis for customized reports.

Downtime Reporting

Analyze your equipments effectiveness, tracking things such as MTBF, OEE, etc...

Case Management

We have created a case management system in use all over the United States for Independent Living Centers.

Gas Utility Interfaces

Systems that not only track customer information, energy usage, and program and price history, but also provide interfaces to utilities allowing you to automatically enroll new customers, change programs and prices, and more!

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